Wednesday, 1 February 2012


At the weekend I went away with my church from Exeter to the annual weekend away in Newquay. I'm going to do a proper blog about the whole weekend later on in the week but there is something sticking out in my mind that I really wanted to share with you and thought it would be a nice one to start off with.

One of my close friends from home, Emma, has been a christian for years and she is someone I look up to very much in her walk with God. Without necessarily knowing it Em really made me think about something. She was telling me about how as Christians it is easy for us to so often think 'yeah I know Jesus, He's cool', 'That guy who died on the cross for me' and it is so part of our normal routine and thought process that we actually don't think about it to the full extent. It is really easy to forget how absolutely incredible it is and just treat it like any other piece of information.

I have only been a Christian for a year and a half and still, even as a new Christian, I find it easy to think of what Jesus did for us as such a normal story and even though I know it is mind blowing and utterly fantastic beyond description, I don't always think of it like that. Don't get me wrong...I always think about how great Jesus is and thank him for what he has done for us but not in such depth and detail as I had done in the past
. So I got thinking a bit more about what Jesus actually did for us. Jesus, someone who did nothing wrong, suffered pain, humiliation and death on a cross (Matthew 27:19-50). Jesus died on a cross. Hang on a minute...he DIED! Death is such a huge thing, the ultimate sacrifice and I know what I am saying is very obvious but for someone to die for YOU so that you can live an eternal life. WOW. It's almost been like a second realization for me. Since becoming a Christian in 2010 I have learnt so much about Jesus and am always learning more and more about Him. I realize that I still have such a long way to go but now I know more about Jesus and who He was and is I have almost relived the realization I had when I first met Him. He is all mighty, all powerful, all knowing, all loving and the list goes on! I'm just in total AWE of Him. And this may be because I'm still quite a new Christian but knowing more about Jesus than I did when I became a Christian and recognizing the awesomeness of everything the second time round is just so so powerful. 

If you haven't already, I really encourage you to remember Daily the huge sacrifice Jesus made for us, thank Him for it. 
He did it for us, He didn't need us, He wanted us.
Step back for a minute and say WOW. 


  1. This gave me actual goosebumps!! I love how much you've grown as a Christian (and that you became a Christian in the first place!!)! So proud of you!

  2. nice to see you blogging! keep it up xxxx